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What has happened these past few weeks? Honestly, I don't know anymore. I just don't know. It's like the world is just spinning...and...err...I guess it is technically. The planet. Spinning and all. But that's not the point.

I can think back literally a month ago, just a month, things were normal. I worked. I babysat for Takuya-senpai's kids occasionally on off days. I went shopping on rare occasions, some nice blouses or skirts or something. Never over the top. Life was simple. A MONTH!

Now, I walk past stores, and something unnatural draws me towards...things I wouldn't consider normally. It's impractical. I was brought up professional and dignified. I mean, I don't dislike the more extravagant stuff, but it's not me.

Get out of my head. Get out of my head. Oh, why won't he these thoughts get out of my head? Somehow all I can think of...oh, no. It's not important.

I just need some fresh air. That's all. Maybe a nice chat. Anyone up for coffee?
happiness; cute

!intro.plot post

Name: Ishihara Satomi
Age: 22
Birthday: December 24
Job: Chef - Main Course; Soups and Vegetables - Focus is pasta

General Backstory:
Ishihara grew up in Tokyo, never sure of what she wanted out of life, just enjoying every moment. She did relatively well in school, had a couple of relationships, but was always considered a bit too spacey. Her mind was in the clouds, or in a book, or focused on making the world a cuter place...in the form of food design. True, it's not a conventional talent, but from an early age she was known to have the cutest bento at school. She just liked things to look organized and was a fan of creativity.

When the time came for her to go to college, she had yet to pick any career path. A friend offhandedly mentioned how good she was at making food look nice, and so Ishihara signed on to culinary school. It certainly wasn't a bad option. Initially her focus had been desserts, but she discovered herself allergic to some of the things used in the more high class dishes, namely coconut. It was easier to make a transition and spare herself from lots of medicine so she could maintain a job.

Her studies went well, and the transition from dessert chef to decorative-pasta chef was surprisingly simple, just involved more greenery...and noodles. Ishihara enjoyed her work, and when she was nineteen she had an apprenticeship at the Firefry. There she learned more of the soup side of the job, but has always kept her status as pasta chef over soup chef. There's only so much one can do to make a soup look nice and not ruin the taste...

Personality Traits:
Ishihara looks like the sweetest girl on the planet, smooth pure skin, just the right make-up on, semi-long haircut. She's kind of a vision of loveliness. If you catch her at the right moments she'll be just as sweet as she looks. These moments mostly occur when she's daydreaming, which happens a bit too frequently. She's kind, willing to do her part and then some, even if she can't always get top notch results. Ishihara will always try her best (or try to try her best, anyway). To her coworkers and friends she reveals a spark of wit, and is generally considered a fun person to be around. Not the most wild and rambunctious person by a long shot, but she's quite good natured.

If she's having a bad day Ishihara can get a bit snappish. Her speech may not be drenched in sarcasm like some, but she has a way with words that can make her sound rude when irritated. It's best not to take her words at face value in such instances. She makes mistakes and gets agitated, that's human. After a while she'll take a deep breath, calm her spinning mind down, and everything is calm sweetness once again.

She has an enormous fascination with the English language, longing to learn it and some day live abroad. If she ever hears a snatch of English, she tends to stop whatever she was doing and stare at the speaker, trying to understand completely. It's a good way to knock her off balance if she's in a foul mood, to speak in English to her. Any opportunity to do something new, or if someone does something nice for her it makes her obviously excited, and she's all smiles.

When it comes to love, she's kind of passive. If someone pursues her, she doesn't really notice, and only when they confess does she realize the situation (and she's had several confessions in her day). She's quite skeptical of the flirty guys, and tends to ignore them as they pester her...but those are the kind she tends to fall for. She's never fallen hard for someone though, but much of her daydreams are consumed in little happy romances.